Web Applications + APIs

SSW has the resources to develop sites of any scope, from ongoing maintenance tasks to the implementation of large complex sites.

Mobile Apps

We can build your mobile app using React Native, MAUI (was Xamarin), Flutter, Cordova, PWA, or Ionic!


Build sexy web apps with this a TypeScript-based web application platform, open-sourced and led by Google!


Easily create interactive UIs with this JavaScript library, maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a large community!


Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework to build web interfaces and applications.


The best way to build an enterprise app blazing fast. We’ve seen it more than 50x faster than Angular (once it’s loaded) on testing. C# with Razor pages is nicer than JavaScript.

.NET MAUI (Windows Desktop Apps)

Desktop Apps have different responsive layouts, menus, and multi–windowing, but they work on Windows too.
.NET MAUI (previously WinUI and WPF) is used to create these business applications.

Jamstack (Static Sites with Gatsby/Next.js)

Jamstack is a modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs and prebuilt Markup. It’s used on SSW Rules and SSW People.

Power BI

A cloud based business analytics service that allows anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding.

Enterprise Reporting + BI

Custom SQL reporting for unparalleled access to your company’s data. Add a cube, Telerik Reports and a dashboard to drive your business forward.


Awesome bots gives you an advantage in finding and automatically entering data for your business with advanced artificial intelligence.

Database Development and Performance

Whether it is good old SQL Server or the super scalable SQL Azure, our consultants know how to help you simplify your database and improve its performance.

Azure Synapse

A limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless or dedicated resources at scale.

GPT and ChatGPT

Discover how GPT-4 can revolutionize your workflow, and increase your productivity and efficiency. This is your chance to gain insight into the future of AI and software development.


Microsoft Azure

Azure enables you to build and run applications without focusing on the infrastructure. Azure makes it is easy, scalable, and cheap… for others it is difficult and expensive.

Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a set of low-code applications that can be used individually to create easy to use business solutions.


The premier content management to store all documents & records. SSW helps enterprises customize and develop SharePoint often powered by the SharePoint Framework (aka SPFx) with React.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 combines existing Microsoft products such as Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics AX into one seamless solution.

Office 365

The Microsoft Office you know plus extra tools will help you work better together, all based on the cloud.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Network Architecture

In such a fast paced moving industry, it’s important to have a well designed and maintained Network Infrastructure.


Get your infrastructure automation from snail’s pace to blazing fast.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is the premier Office 365 chat, collaboration and phone system from Microsoft.

On-Premises: Hyper-V

We recommend Microsoft Hyper-V – the fastest growing virtualization solution on the market today.

On-Premises: Data Protection Manager

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager can take the stress out of backups by allowing you to control all backups from one central console.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune keeps your sensitive data safe while allowing you to be productive.

BackBlaze and CloudBerry

Backblaze has introduced a cheap backup system that requires little on-premises infrastructure, and is fast to setup

Backup/Disaster Recovery Audit

If you have good backups and a thorough Disaster Recovery plan, you can mitigate or completely overcome potential catastrophes.

Video Conferencing

Engage remote teams and employees to work from home; promote collaboration across the team; run webinars and live events; meet clients; interview job candidates.

Support Plans

Gain peace of mind that you’ll be covered in case of an emergency.

Service Desk

Potential costs savings as you are only paying for support when you need it.