Want to build a Blazor interactive web app?

Blazor lets you build reusable UI components using C#, HTML, and CSS.
Your C# code can also easily call JavaScript APIs and libraries

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The benefits of using Blazor

Blazor is a powerful C#-based frontend SPA (Single Page Application) framework from Microsoft. Blazor applications are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (if needed). Blazor supports the use of C# .NET Shared Libraries, so you can share the exact same code between both client and server applications. You can even use .NET code or packages that were written before Blazor existed! Amazing returns on your development efforts!

Have a look at SSW Rules to Better Blazor.

C# or JavaScript? Have the best of both worlds

C# is a well-known strongly typed programming language which means you can catch errors at compile time. Blazor allow using pre-compiled C# with access to all our favourite NuGet packages. You can still use JavaScript to pull in any npm package and expose it to your C# Blazor Components.

Fast development and performance

Get productive fast with re-usable UI components. Blazor runs as fast as any code in the browser can run. It gives you a near-native experience.

Cross-browser compatibility

Blazor Wasm runs directly in the browser using WebAssembly which is a W3C Standards approved technology – this mean no plugins are required to run Blazor Wasm applications in modern browsers, including mobile browsers.

Rich tooling and debugging

With Blazor you can use your own existing .NET libraries or take advantage of the rich .NET NuGet ecosystem.

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