We go the extra mile to turn our clients into fans

From small business solutions to large multinational companies, SSW has made happy clients all over the world and we are proud to share some of our experiences with you.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with SSW on developing and launching our new website. Their team brought a refreshing blend of professionalism and friendliness to the table, establishing a positive and collaborative working environment that I wish I could experience every day.
What truly set them apart was not just their evident expertise but also their unwavering commitment to going the extra mile. SSW didn’t simply deliver exceptional web development; they took the initiative to provide constant valuable support to our team. They proactively jumped in whenever a challenge arose, offering practical advice and solutions on anything from how to effectively manage and launch a website project, to comprehensive CMS training and providing technical solutions to challenges that our internal IT team were struggling to overcome. Their contribution far exceeded what would be expected of the typical client-agency relationship and I feel lucky to have partnered with them.

Kiriana Bettison

Hearing Australia

It was a pleasure working with Jayden. He was professional, accommodating, listened and advised when necessary. I’ve also had positive feedback from IPWEA Australasia.

Francine Binns


As we are now 20 plus weeks into our projects with yourselves I wanted to express that I am very happy with the team’s productivity and everyone’s participation but especially impressed with Jean, Kosta , and Matt Wicks.

Jean’s management is very much on point, prompt, detailed, decisive change management, and outcome focused which is a lot of comfort to me as my time investment capability is minimal but appropriate for the project successful delivery.

The interaction and engagement across our organisations is also working well, efficient, collaborative and all things good that I want in a well-run and successful development project.

I am looking forward to continuing our engagement with this team on 3 follow-on projects.

David Blacketer

Berkley IT in Asia Pacific

Just wanted to quickly to let you know that David has done a expeciational job for this project. given the challenging landscape of Vault’s backend, he is always happy to hear the problems we have and trying his best to work around and find a solution for us. Nothing is ever too much for him so far! I really appreciate his ability to work with a non technical person (myself) to ensure we create a desirable outcome for this project.

Bo Searle

Vault – Secure Sovereign Community Cloud

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation for Jean‘s work.

He has been an absolute pleasure to work on our SharePoint development. He is polite, friendly, solutions focussed, open and honest. I have particularly appreciated his ability to take the time to understand our business needs and to implement solutions that are tailored and customised to suit our needs.

Daniel Murtagh

Bell Shakespeare

Hi Marlon, I just wanted to pass on a note to express my praise for the effort and commitment both Daragh and William put in during the upgrade process and in particular last night/this morning.

The deployment went well, although a little longer than expected, they dug in their heels and powered through all 11 hours.

We got their at the end and the business is very happy with the results.

Project Manager

Major International Holiday Company

We’ve commenced the production release of the new Auction Platform which each of you have played a role in developing.

While it’s still in the early stages of release, so far it has been a great success. Our plan is to continue to monitor, enhance and increase its use over the coming ‘busy’ months, as we eventually look to phase out the existing system.

It has been a massive year of development and learning for all involved, and by all accounts, this is an application that will help set AuctionsPlus up for continued success, growth and service for years to come.

On behalf of @Angus and myself, we’d like to say congratulations and thanks for your efforts.

Ken Salan


I wanted to let you know how great it has been working with Kiki over the last two days. Kiki’s work has been outstanding and he helped me through a couple of difficult conversations with the client that could have jeopardised the whole progress of not only the implementation of Zendesk but my whole project. Everything is now on track for success thanks to Kiki’s work and more particularly his ability to handle an unexpected and tense situation with calm authority.

Andrew J Clark

Linchpin Logistics

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Andreas for his help yesterday, we really got a lot out of the day. Andreas genuinely cared and made sure we got to the result we wanted and took a genuine interest in what we were/are trying to achieve.

Royce Milmlow

Delta Elcom

I just want to say thank you so much for being our saviour over the past few months. Having your expertise around has put my mind at ease while we were going through some big changes. I am nervous for the road ahead but a little less nervous knowing that you have helped support and educate us as much as you could.

Sarah Elliott

Smart Group

I’m writing to you to pass on my thanks to your team for the stellar job done. It has been a pleasure working with Jean as he is an upstanding person who genuinely cares about the work he does, and is a true master of his craft.

Kathryn Elegino

Ingram Micro

On a side note both Calum and Andreas are genuinely some of the best people I have worked with – they both care and as a customer I can not speak highly of both of their efforts. We very much appreciate the services they have provided, they both deserve pay rises!

Royce Milmlow

Delta Elcom

Rebecca has been a pleasure to work with and her insights are highly valued by the Bstar team.

We started with an idea that will reshape our business and Rebecca has been able to create a user experience we believe will strongly engage our network of accountants and their SME clients.

Grant Bloxham


Steven, you did some really tremendous work, and I would ask for your help with future problems in a heartbeat. Thank you for doing such a great job and for having such great work ethic!

I will definitely be looping back with Scott Hanselman to let him know about my great experience working with you, and I’d be happy to provide a glowing recommendation should you need one in the future.

Todd Northrop

Speednet Group

Michael and Tiago were invaluable in aiding us to refresh and update our website. Tiago has been very patient and helpful throughout the entire process, guiding me as we worked through what was needed, being accommodating based on my limited knowledge of websites and amending as we continuously reassessed what we needed from SSW. Thank you both for the hard work and patience.

Christine Chang

Tapp Group Limited

It was a pleasure to have you in the office again. I continue to be impressed by the quality of work and advice you provide.

Mark Pigram

Contracts Online

I must say that I found Dan and Daragh a pleasure to work with. Easily the best two consultants I have worked with in IT in the last 10 years. Please pass on my positive feedback to anyone relevant at SSW.


Australian Government Organization