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The Benefits of having a great support plan

SSW has built and supported thousands of applications over 3 decades, and we know the best way to support your key systems.

SSW Support Plans were created to help our customers who have mission critical systems remain up, secure and fast. Unlike Support Plans offered elsewhere, SSW Support Plans help our customers lower cost by asking the client to assess the priority of each issue and pay a small premium on the developers hourly rate. In return, SSW will make sure the issue is addressed ASAP � even if key developers are booked elsewhere. The customer chooses how quickly each issue is dealt with.

The SSW Support Plan charges a small monthly fee and in return SSW creates all of the tooling, dashboards and infrastructure so that clients can rest easy knowing all of SSW’s technical staff have access to all of the client’s necessary information. SSW have always been a reliable support partner and this plan we believe is a better alternative to high reoccurring monthly fees that offer little value to well-built software.

We stand behind the software we build and offer Support Plans to all of our clients. We also offer Support Plans on software built by others, so that everyone can have access to SSW’s depth of experience.

Peace of mind

Know that you have insurance in place for your software so you aren’t vulnerable to any nasty surprises

Jump the queue

In case of emergency, you can pay a premium to make sure your issue is dealt with first and guarantee a response time

Flexible options

Decide on an issue by issue basis what the level of urgency is and only pay for what you use

DevOps dashboards

SSW will keep track of your uptime, error rates, and usage in real time with accessible dashboards

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