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Potential costs savings as you are only paying for support when you need it

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The Benefits of having a great Service Desk

A great service desk can improve customer satisfaction by resolving issues and inquiries efficiently and effectively. This leads to increased productivity by reducing downtime and getting employees and customers back to work quickly. Additionally, a service desk can save costs associated with lost productivity and inefficiencies in the support process.

It can facilitate better communication between IT staff and end-users, as well as between different departments within an organization. This can improve overall IT operations by providing valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of an organization’s IT infrastructure. A well-functioning service desk can also increase security by promptly identifying and resolving security incidents, reducing the impact of potential security breaches. In summary, a great service desk can help an organization operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase security.

There are many advantages to outsourcing your IT Service Desk:

  • Potential costs savings as you are only paying for support when you need it
  • No paying for IT Professional’s salary or benefits
  • Skills and experience of multiple people rather than a small inhouse team
  • 24/7 support avaialble
  • Centralized source of IT information and help
  • Management of IT hardware purchasing from a knowledgable team

Cloud infrastructure support

Provide Support for your Azure, AWS, Google and other cloud infrastructure

On premises server/network support

On premises Server, Network, VoIP and Hardware Support

Application support

Assistance with troubleshooting any application issues users experience

IT asset auditing and tracking

Auditing and management of IT Assets

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