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Microsoft Intune keeps your sensitive data safe while allowing you to be productive

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The benefits using Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune assists you in keeping your sensitive data safe while allowing you to be productive. You can create policies to limit who has access to your company’s data and gives you freedom and control over how your data is protected, regardless of the device it is on.

Microsoft Endpoint Management solution aka Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based unified management solution for mobile devices and operating systems. The aim is to protect the corporate data on both corporate and BYOD equipment. The Microsoft solution includes the services and tools you may use to manage and monitor mobile devices, desktops, laptops, etc.

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Data protection

It helps keep Data safe based on device enrolment and compliance policies set by the administrator. No matter whether the Data accessed is via the Exchange email, Outlook email, OneDrive for Business Documents, or wherever is managed by organization

Intune policies

You can control if the devices and applications can access your data. You may define the conditions if the device meets the specific conditions only then it will get access

Mobile management

Monitor the mobile devices logging into company resources. Intune integrates with Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and more to control who has access and what they can access

Creates barriers

Intune app always keep personal data and corporate data separate. Organization has the authority to remove only the corporate data or wipe the device completely, depending on enrolment type

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