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The benefits of automating your infrastructure with PowerShell

System Administrators, Site Reliability Engineers and Automation Engineers across the globe love to automate every possible task, and PowerShell is the answer for on-premises and cloud automation, as it is an open-source, cross-platform scripting language and command-line shell that can be used on and with Azure.

PowerShell scripting is the fastest and best way to get your routine tasks done automatically e.g. managing Virtual Machines, Servers, employee onboarding and offboarding process, certificate management and much more.

Have a look at SSW Rules to Better Powershell.

Task automation

Automate your daily tasks with PowerShell scripting


With PowerShell 6+, you can develop across most Operational Systems (Linux, Windows, Mac) and make the code work for you anywhere


Automated tasks are much less error-prone than manual ones, it will always run the same way with the same parameters, so no unexpected outcomes in your scripts

Free up admins time

Get those pesky, day-to-day tasks be done by a machine rather than a human, so your admins can bring more value to other parts of your business

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